Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last weekend ReRe-Animated played at several film festivals, Bone Bat Comedy of Horrors FIlm Festival. Although the festival did not have a ranking or prizes, the festival and several people attending the festival can be quoted to say that ReRe-Animated was by far the crowd favorite.

Pretty great thing to hear from a group of people. If you were able to attend, thank you so much for being part of that with us.

There will be pictures posted soon, as well as several reviews of the film that were done during the festival. To start that off, you can check out Portland Oregon's "Mail Order Zombie" who did a round table discussion and review of the entire film festival. They had a luke warm review of ReRe-Animated, but they said they liked the style, and laughed very heartily during their review reminiscing at only a few of our jokes, so I take that as a compliment... Check it you and let us know what you think? maybe even give us your review or even your review about their review...

(Super long link I know, but you can listen to the review there...)

More information about the Bone Bat Comedy of horrors coming soon...
More posts about film festivals following!

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