Saturday, September 29, 2012

BIG ReRe-Animated NEWS!!!!

ReRe just played at another film festival, did great, sold out, and was loved by lots. We have also been selected as an official selection at 2 more film festivals the month of Oct...

ReRe-Animated just played at ATLANTA HORROR FILM FESTIVAL yesterday, Friday, September 28th.

I spoke with several people that went to the film festival as well as some of the festival staff. The screening was sold out, and ReRe-Animated was one of the favorites in its block of shorts. We should find out soon if it won any prizes, but just knowing that its a fan favorite, and that its getting seen is a great deal for us. Thank you all who went to support us, as well as all the new fans and friends who saw us for the first time at this festival. Check out the website:

Thats super great news right? Well wait, there's more!!!!!

ReRe-Animated has been selected as an official selection at both HorrorQuest 2012 (also in Atlanta) and ShockerFest 2012  (Televised in CA).

HorrorQuest 2012 is a fantastic horror film festival in Atlanta GA. ReRe-Animated is scheduled to play Sunday, October 21st at 12:30 PM.

All you ATL friends and family, please show some support and go check it out!!! Hey tell all your friends to go check it out, and even go tell all their friends to check it out. There will be so many fans and friends and friends and more friends and fans and friends and fans that we couldn't help but win audience choice or fan favorite award... Help us out, also just go watch the movie, its awesome!!! Check out the website for address and details, it looks like a great festival, I am really hoping to make it out! If I do Ill see you there!!!!

Now ShockerFest is pretty cool, its a film festival in Central California, but its also televised, on local channels as well as cable channels.

This will be the first time that something I produced and Directed will be on Television! Pretty sweet stuff. So everyone anywhere, please go online, and look up what channels we will be playing on. Please set your TIVO's. or what ever Recorder you have connected to your cable or satellite and also watch it live! The judges are the fans, so after you watch, you can go online and vote for your favorite! Which of course will be ReRe-Animated. (right????)

I know with all the amazing friends and fans, that you are, ReRe-Animators, and I know what great friends and fans all of you have, so if you all help out and throw a vote our way then there is no way we cant win... Pretty Awesome right!!!!!!

Thank you all for being fans and supporting us and our movie! We love you all and appreciate everything you do for us. Please keep up all the love and support, and keep coming back here to read all of our good news. There will be more big news announced very soon, so please make sure that you subscribe to our blog for all the good news and important stuff that you can learn!!!

Thanks again everyone, and Ill talk to you again soon!!!!!

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